Get Back to Your Senses in Baja

Baja Collage.jpg

Traveling in Baja brings you back to your senses. The first and most obvious change is in what you see. Unfamiliar landscapes, different colors, cities and villages soon give way to rolling hills and empty beaches.  The sky dominates, rarely do you see a sky with no man made obstacle on the horizon. Sitting on a surfboard in the water, your eyes adjust to the ever changing and diverse shades of the land as the sun tracks slowly overhead. The brilliant blue above and the deeper blue of the ocean below are profound. Blues and browns and the beauty of nothing. No stoplights, high rise buildings, traffic or billboards. Just the sun the sea and the earth.

Brightly colored houses next to deep green fields of cabbage or tomatoes. Bright red geraniums in front of a whitewashed church. In the spring, miles of countryside bloom in gold and purple in an unreal painting of endless color. By summer that same landscape becomes multiple shades of brown beneath the brilliant blue of the sky.

In Baja you will see color contrasts that you will see nowhere else. Truly a feast for the eyes where around every corner could be some new sight or shade of color you have never seen before, and that’s just in the first few miles. 

Throughout the year Ocean Experience offers eco adventure tours to several locations in Northern Baja. Read more on our baja adventure tour page and call us to reserve dates for your group.

Brandon LouresComment