Is Baja Safe? 2014 Update

Nobody questions the appeal to travel Baja, Mexico, with its rugged, natural landscape and warm, welcoming culture. Travelers dream to surf Baja's Pacific Coast, offering some of the world's best surf breaks. Dive the Sea of Cortez to experience a magnificent display of marine life. Swim with whale sharks and sea turtles.Kayak Mexico's coastline featuring ancient caves and cliffs.

Baja's beauty is never the question, but the safety of Mexico is. The media had its heyday telling the world how scary Mexico is. True, there was a time not long ago when Mexico's safety was not so certain. Still, corruption continues, but what country is immune? Perhaps Mexico's reality is not exactly as the media portrays. Beyond bad press, Mexico is a country of unique culture, rich values, and loving families. Magnificent terrain of rugged deserts connects tropical coastlines.

The rule of thumb when traveling a foreign country is to be smart. Travel during daylight hours. Blend in, and appreciate local culture. Loud, disrespectful people draw unwanted attention, and that increases your likelihood to encounter unfavorable situations. Obey international laws. Don't drink & drive, and follow speed limits. Come to a complete Alto. Carry zero drugs. Travel in groups to increase safety, as well - at least one person is sure to speak a little Spanish. Mexicans appreciate travelers who appreciate them.

Ocean Experience Baja Adventure Tours have been traveling to Mexico for decades, offering safe transportation to safe, secure locations throughout Baja. Our adventure guides are skilled at cross border navigation, and our water sport professionals are lifeguard certified. We know the best spots for Baja surf adventures, where the breaks just keep on breaking. We bring adventure gear for all kinds of water excursions. We provide rustic, comfortable accommodations with healthy meals, hot showers, and comfortable beds in private or shared rooms. Our complete Baja Adventure Tour offers travelers the bliss of Baja with the ease of all-inclusive. Join a regularly scheduled tour, or create a custom package for your private party.

There are many ways to enjoy Mexico's culture. Whether traveling on your own or touring with an experienced adventure crew, follow the laws of the land, be respectful of local culture, and your trip will be a positive experience.

Jim Muglia